Pharmacy & Dispensary

Pool House Equine Hospital has a dedicated pharmacy

Pool House Equine Hospital has a dedicated pharmacy to ensure that your horse, pony or donkey can have access to prescription only medicine quickly and efficiently when they need it the most!

The pharmacy is manned by a dedicated and skilled team and is an invaluable asset within the hospital.


Legislation regarding the repeat prescription of drugs has recently been tightened and now dictates that animals must be under Veterinary Care before any prescription medication can be given. This means repeat prescriptions cannot be handed out without an examination of your horse, pony or donkey.

Generally, we will issue repeat prescriptions for animals we have examined within the last six months, but thereafter, shall require the horse, pony or donkey to be examined first (unless exceptional circumstances, which are deemed by the case Veterinary Surgeon). Current charge for medication examination (as of 1st January 2024) is £24 (plus visit fee unless brought to the hospital).

A Veterinary Surgeon will only issue prescriptions for POM drugs (Prescription Only Medicines) for animals under their care.

How to Order

Ordering and receiving your horse, pony or donkeys’ prescription is quick and easy. Please allow 48hrs (not including weekends) for us to process a prescription and make the medications available to you. We must adhere to strict legal guidelines when dispensing medication and all prescriptions must be signed off by a Veterinary Surgeon.


01283 799700 Press option 5 and leave your details as advised.

Via our Website

Collection or Post

We can post most items to your address if requested. These items will be charged to your account and are always sent as Recorded Delivery via Royal Mail and usually require a signature. Where we are not able to post, this may be because the drugs are considered ‘a risk’ or need to be kept temperature controlled, reception can assist with this.

Written Prescriptions

Animals ‘under our care’, will usually need to be reviewed and examined every 6 months by a Veterinary Surgeon. This ensures your horse is in good health, progress is monitored and is on the correct medication at the correct dosage.

  • A written prescription can be requested, this enables the prescription to be obtained from another veterinary surgeon or from another animal pharmacy (such as online) please note, this may not always be appropriate if your horse needs immediate treatment.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the pharmacy is correctly licensed and professional. This is especially important when using 'online' pharmacies, to ensure the medicines are not fraudulent.
  • A fee will be charged for issuing a written prescription, the written prescription fee shall need to be paid for at the time of request. Current charge as of 1st January 2024 - £21.88.
  • Full information on prescription and dispensing charges and on the cost of medicines are available on request.

PAYMENT for Prescriptions

All repeat prescriptions and written prescriptions are to be paid for at the time of ordering or collection. In the event that you are collecting on behalf of someone, please ensure that payment has been settled prior to making your journey.