Summer special offer

We are pleased to announce that we are holding a summer special offer !

Advanced Dental Health Check including Sedation with FREE Oral Endoscopy £105.00 

Dental disease is one of the most common chronic healthcare conditions in domesticated animals, including horses – up to 95% of horses have at least one dental disorder. However, its presence is often missed due to horses being naturally stoic. Clinical signs of dental disease can be subtle and difficult to identify, or may only be present in severe cases.

Diagnosis and treatment of dental disease is therefore often reliant on regular, routine oral examinations by a veterinary surgeon or suitably qualified equine dental technician*.

Oral endoscopy provides high-definition images and is superior to standard oral examinations in identifying dental pathology. The small size of the endoscope is able to easily visualise areas at the back of the mouth and either side of the tongue, and it may be better tolerated by horses than the dental mirrors typically used – particularly in horses with painful dental lesions.

It is recommended that all horses undergo a complete oral and dental examination every 6-12 months. Why not take advantage of our advanced dental health check offer, including free oral endoscopy and sedation, with a member of our Dentistry & Maxiofacial Referral veterinary team?

*Terms and conditions apply.

Payable at time of booking 

*Advanced Dental Health Check (ADHC) must be performed at Pool House Equine Hospital to take up the FREE Oral Endoscopy offer,  sedation MUST be used and is included in the price. If Odontoplasty (‘rasping’) is required it will be tailored to your horse’s needs to correct any malocclusions there will be an additional charge for this and any other dental treatments/procedures advised.